Certification Process

  1. Granting of Certification – The organization shall be granted fortification once have completed Stage 1, Stage 2 of the MSPO OPMC Certification process and successfully respond to all the findings and undergone the reviewing process.
  2. Maintenance of certification – The maintenance process involved 4 times surveillance audits. Surveillance audit will be conducted each year. The first surveillance audit shall not be conducted more than 12 months.
  3. Renewal of certification – Upon completing all surveillance stages, the certified organization shall complete the certification cycle through the re-certification process. The certification will be renewed upon satisfactory closure of all audit findings.
  4. Suspension of certification – Failure to close the audit findings within the permissible time frame or due to non complying to the rules of certifications. Failure of the client to pay HBC invoices for services provided or a failure of the client to provide HBC auditors access to the certified facility for audit purposes may also result in suspension of the certification. Maximum suspension time is 6 months.
  5. Restoring of certification – The certification will be restore once the client has respond to all the findings raised which lead to the suspension earlier and the corrective actions is accepted by the certification decision panel.
  6. Withdrawal of certification – The withdrawal process is depending on self withdrawal by the client or withdrawal due to failure to respond within 6 months of suspension period.
  7. Extension of certification scope – Extension is allowed during the maintenance period (surveillance stage). This may due to additional factors (increase of areas, processes and other resources) involving the client.
  8. Reduction of certification scope – The client may request to reduce the scope or due to non capable to maintain the current certification in regards to its boundary, processes and other resources. The audit team also may recommend for reduction of scope if the client is non capable to maintain the current certification in regards to its boundary, processes an other resources.
  9. Termination of certification – HBC has the right to terminate the certification of an organization/company under the following circumstances: (a) the certified organisation’s/ company’s management system has persistently or seriously failed to meet the certification requirements; HBC rules and scheme owner requirements (b) the certified organisation/company does not allow surveillance or re-certification audits to be conducted at the required frequencies; (c) the certified organisation/company has voluntarily requested suspension of its certification; (d) the certified organization/company failed to take corrective actions on nonconformity (ies) raised within the specified time frame; (e) the certified organization/company has incorrectly making reference to its certification status or misleading use of Certificate, marks or audit reports; and (f) the certified organization/company infringed the requirements of the certification contract.(g) major findings which related to legal requirements